Welcome to Baywatch Rookie School! A weekly podcast where 2 men—who have never watched Baywatch before—try and watch Baywatch!

Join Morgan Thrapp and Michael Eisen each week as they struggle to grow their sea legs, all the while learning a little something about what it truly means to guard a life.

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"This podcast is such an experience!" - Multi-episode guest Paul Agnelli

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Your Favorite Magic Crime

S4E17: Falcon Manifesto. Psst Hey kid, you an elbow vegan? Well don't worry any longer, because starting today, we have a solution for you! It's BeyondWenus. Tastes ju...

Two Other Jabroni Lifeguards (ft. Eric Maccoux)

S4E16: Mirror, Mirror Well I suppose it's time we finally tell you. Michael and Morgan are actually the same person. In case you haven't figured it out, Morgan is o...

A Folder in Firefox Called "Morgan's Mom" (Ft. Parker Phend)

S4E15: Coronado del Soul Part 2. If there's horny ghosts, in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Baywatchers!

The Wind is Just A Horny Ghost (Ft. Parker Phend)

S4E14: Coronado del Soul Pt. 1. Beef boys! Exciting news! We're hosting our first Baywatch Rookie School Con at the Coronado del Soul. In order to register, you just n...

Wrap It Before You Slap It

S4E13: Red Knight. It's the end of Ben! We are not sad to see him go, even if this is a particularly bad sign off. Come and join us on the beach for a reunion of the R...

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